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Для оформления заказа необходимо выбрать и добавить услуги


The customer service

Phone in Moscow: +7-800-777-7205 
Free phone in Russia +7-800-3333-914
Phone in Israel: +972-772-201-209

NOTE: hour telephone support for emergency communications,
You can find in the voucher for confirmed services.

Specialists call-center work
mon.-Fri.: 10:00-19:00 Moscow time and Israel time
sat.-sun.: output
You can always contact us by E-mail: or by leaving a message in the dashboard at any time - we will answer You.

Marketing Department: - concerning cooperation and advertising

Marketing offices of the company "World Marketing Investment" Ltd

Herengracht 596ST
1017 CJ Amsterdam

Moscow, Leninskaya Sloboda Street 19,
business center "Omega Plaza"

Tel Aviv, Hahashmonaim Street 100,
Hashmonaim Tower, 5-th floor


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Познер - Еврейское счастье

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