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Для оформления заказа необходимо выбрать и добавить услуги

For agencies

Are you an Agency and want to become a partner of the project

To start cooperation it is very easy:
1) please login on the registration page
2) after receiving the password specified, check mail, go on it in to the website and fill in our questionnaire to agencies (see figure 1).

Figure 1.

3) after checking the submitted form, You will be assigned to the Commission
4) when ordering You choose the method of payment and the system automatically writes you a score based on your fee.
5) before sending Your order You agree to the terms of the contract, by putting a checkmark next to "I accept the terms of service and consent to processing of my personal data"


The company "World Marketing Investment" L. T. D, managing brand IsraelBooking.EN - is a foreign company and commanded by the laws of Israel. "Israel Booking" Ltd. - is the tour operators of Russia and the Russian company, therefore, does not require mandatory financial security.
IsraelBooking.EN provides services without charge from Israeli suppliers: hotels, transfers, excursions, etc.

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