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Для оформления заказа необходимо выбрать и добавить услуги

How to pay

Payment methods

Booked services can be paid in several ways:
1) Payment via QIWI terminals, or in personal account on the QIWI website (without a fee). To see instructions
2) Pay via PayPal (no fee). To pay additional service via PayPal
3) Pay at any branch of Sberbank, printing the invoice (payment in USD) (1% Commission). Find Bank branch here
4) When the amount of the order less 15 000 rubles - payment via Yandex.Money (without a fee). How do I start using Yandex.Money
5) to Pay via Platron system
How to pay via Platron system?
System provides the following methods of payment:

Bank cards (VISA, MasterCard)
payment terminals ( Elecsnet)
mobile shops Euroset, Svyaznoy
electronic money ( Webmoney,, Wallet one W1)
money transfer system CONTACT
payment with the mobile phone balance Beeline, MTS, MegaFon - temporarily unavailable
payment via Internet banking alpha-Click, Promsvyazbank, HandyBank, VTB24

Why do we need Your phone number?

Your phone number is the identifier in our system. He stated when you pay in points of reception of payments, and is also used to identify the order.


To pay for goods and services via Platron absolutely safe. When payment information is transmitted encrypted through SSL 3.0 and saved only on the specialized server of the payment system. Thus, the online store does not have access to Your billing information.

How much is it?

Our services are already included in the price - on the payment page, You always see the final amount.

How can I check that the payment has passed or not?

Click on the link " Check payment "button on the main page. Enter the phone number and the payment amount, click "Check".

If you have any questions regarding payment via Platron system
You can contact us via the Internet, by e-mail or at any time of the day on the phone 7 495 983 3279.

For any questions You can contact us at the hotline 8-800-3333-914 or send your message to

Get familiar with the terms and conditions of booking.


Credit cards

Credit cards To make a payment by credit card: 1) Select a payment method "VISA, MasterCard" and click on "Buy". 2) On the login page, enter the card Number, cardholder Name, expiration Date and card Verification (CVV2 for VISA or CVC2 for MasterCard). All necessary data are printed on the card! Card verification number is the last three numbers l... Learn more »

Payment in Euroset

Euroset The service is available for subscribers of all operators in the salons Svyaznoy throughout Russia! 1. For payment of the invoice notify the seller the name of the provider "Platron" and enter your mobile phone number, which was specified in the order (if the seller is unable to find the "Platron", tell me that you need to press the F2 b... Learn more »

Payment in Svyaznoy

Messenger The service is available for subscribers of all operators in the salons Svyaznoy throughout Russia! 1. Tell the cashier that You need to pay for your order online store and enter your mobile phone number (10 digit format), which is specified in the order (if the seller is unable to locate the operator, tell me, what is needed in the c... Learn more »

Pay Pal

MTS The service payment with mobile phone is available for MTS subscribers, individuals using tariff plans with prepaid billing system. The payment amount will be deducted from the main account of the mobile phone. The maximum amount of payment is 14 999 rubles., the number of payments per day – 5, the maximum amount of payments per day – no more t... Learn more »

Bank payment

The CONTACT system in conjunction with Platron settlement center ("Platron" CJSC) provide their customers the ability to easily and quickly pay for services and goods and obtain a refund. Payments and refunds will only be made in rubles of the Russian Federation. The Commission CONTACT for interpretation: 0%. The period of money transfer: • when ... Learn more »

Payment by QIWI system

Orders placed on our website, you can enable without a fee to pay via the nearest QIWI terminal. 1. QIWI terminals are as follows: 2. On the main screen of QIWI terminal press the middle button "QIWI WALLET": 3. On the next screen, enter the number of your cell phone that you indicated in the invoice, and click the "next"button: 4. On th... Learn more »

Payment by Elecsnet terminals

JCB 1. Select in the section "Payment system" provider "Platron". 2. Enter the phone number and get a list of accounts. 3. Select the invoice for payment. 4. Make the necessary amount in the bill acceptor. 5. Get delivery on a mobile phone. . ... Learn more »

W1 wallet

W1 Wallet Payment is made from the balance of the electronic purse. To make a payment: 1) After the redirection to the page of payment system log in to the purse. 2) Check the description of the order. 3) Confirm the payment 4) Payment is made!! . ... Learn more »


Webmoney For payment of the purse Webmoney, you need to: 1. Press the "pay" button on the store page, then you will be automatically redirected to the Webmoney site. 2. Choose the type of title characters Webmoney (for example, WMR) by which payment will be made. 3. Identify themselves to the system and make the payment. Attention! Offered go... Learn more »

Payment by Promsvyazbank online system

ATMs Agricultural Using the ATMs ( the list of ATMs with addresses) of the Bank Petrocommerce, You will be able to pay for their orders using any Bank cards of international payment systems (VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club), including VISA Electron and Cirrus Maestro. In ATMs You can make the payment in cash (Cash - in) using the built-in bill acc... Learn more »

Yandex Money Payment is made from the balance of the electronic purse. To make a payment: 1) Enter the e-mail registered to your wallet. 2) Confirm the payment. 3) Enter the payment password. . ... Learn more »


ESGP 1. Select "E-Commerce". 2. Enter the phone number. 3. Enter the payment code. 4. Confirm the correct payment. 5. Insert money into the bill acceptor. . ... Learn more »

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