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Terms and conditions

About the project
System is the most innovative online reservation system of tourist services in Israel. And offers its users a exclusive system for building a private tour in Israel, which allows you to choose accommodation in several cities, automatically find the transfers between the resorts and book tours available during their stay. A wide variety of services that will help you find everything you need for touring Israel. The project is driven by investment and marketing company "World Marketing Investment LTD".

Description of services
The online booking system works with several partners providing services in the field of tourism, medicine, transport services, sightseeing tours, etc. and guarantees the best price for the services in Israel.
By making a reservation through the website You enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the company "Israel Ltd Booking". From the moment you make your reservation, we act solely as an intermediary between You and a partner in Israel or the accommodation, transmitting the details of your order to a specific partner on this service and sending you an electronic confirmation of booking. Every booking is supervised by the managers who speak Russian, which facilitates communication with partners that provide services on the territory of the state of Israel. You don't need to call or write to the reserved hotel, to check your booking or payment, the company "Israel Booking" Ltd. confirms a booking with a voucher that will be sent after the payment order, indicating the number of reservations in hotel or other services. All bookings from the site go to the Central booking office and processed during the day.
Although we make every effort to ensure the quality of our services, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or accuracy of all information provided on the website.
The Company "Israel Booking" Ltd. responsible for any delays (resulting from a temporary and/or partial) breakdown, repair, upgrades or support of this web site.

Booking services
All special requests (non-Smoking room, connecting room, adjacent, etc.) are specified by the customer in the order note, but the company "Israel Booking" Ltd. cannot guarantee that such requests will be fulfilled by the hotel. Periodically in hotels undergoing renovations, in this case, the company "Israel Booking" Ltd. not responsible for any inconvenience caused. In the case of an alleged late arrival of the client to the hotel (after 18.00 local time), the client must make the relevant remark (notice) in the order note.

Instructions for booking

When you select services, the client is given the opportunity to book these services. While indicating the payment method of the order.
After ordering, the description is directed to the hotel and expected a confirmation after receiving the confirmation, the order acquires the status of a "provisional booking", this means that we will hold a booking within 24 hours and payment is expected from the client specified earlier by the way.
After payment is received, specialists of the Department on work with clients "Israel Booking" Ltd. send order confirmation with the voucher attached indicating the reserved services to the personal client Cabinet or in the order specified in the email address.
This voucher is a confirmation of the booked services, it must be printed and produced at the hotels upon arrival and transfers, excursions and internal flights.
Video instructions for the booking of services can be seen

Payment methods
Booked services can be paid in several ways:
1) Payment via QIWI terminals, or in personal account on the QIWI website (without a fee).
2) Pay by credit card by providing card details to the operator (without a fee).
3) When order amount more than 2000$ to make a prepayment of 30% via credit card or via QIWI terminals, the remaining amount will be paid upon arrival in Israel, on the day of settlement, an authorized person from the partner company (without a fee). Note: if for any reason, the remaining co-payment is not made, provided only the amount of services paid.
4) be Paid at any branch of Sberbank, printing the invoice and paid in currency (the US dollar), (Commission 1%).
5) Payment via PayPal (no fee)
6) When the amount of the order less 15 000 rubles - payment via Yandex.Money (without a fee)

The project partners providing the services (hotels, transfers, excursions, etc.) are responsible to the client for fulfilling commitments only with the full advance payment, before providing services.

Fees and best price guarantee
Prices on our site are highly competitive. All prices on the website are per room for your entire stay and include taxes (which can change), unless stated differently on our website or in your confirmation email.
Israeli citizens must pay VAT at 18% of the tour price.
This amount will be billed additionally at the invoice for the ordered services.
Sometimes on the website special offers are available with cheaper tariffs for certain services for a certain period, but these rates may have special restrictions and rules, for example, if you cancel or return money for the reservation. These rules are spelled out in the window special offers, please check this information prior to making your reservation.
We want You to have the best offer in services in Israel. If after booking you find on the Internet services with the same booking conditions at a lower price, we will offer you the same price, according to the terms and conditions best price Guarantee.

Privacy policy
The Company "Israel Booking" Ltd. uses high ethical standards and appreciates your privacy. Except as required and provided for in the relevant law and cases, message your name, email address and credit card details for booking at your chosen hotel, we will not provide your personal information to third parties without your consent.
However, we reserve the right to disclose Your personal information to our partners, providing services. As well as our employees who need to have access to this information to provide You with the booked services (including support services customer and internal (audit/regulatory inspection).

Credit card.
If your credit card has been used illegally by third parties or misused, most banks and companies issuing credit cards, taking on coverage and payment of all damages caused by this illegal use credit cards (sometimes less 50 euros or equivalent in local currency). If your Bank or credit card company will withhold the money due to the illegal use of credit card occurred as a result of booking on our website, we will pay you the withheld amount to 50 euros (or equivalent in your local currency). Compensation will report the incident to the company that issued the credit card (in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures) and contact us immediately by email ( Be sure to include a detailed description of the incident. The damage shall be compensated only for reservations with a credit card, the company "Israel Booking" Ltd. and illegal credit card use that occurred not through Your fault while using the secure server

The cancellation policy
By making a reservation You accept and agree to the order cancellation, the rules valid in case of no-show or changes in the reservation.
We recommend You to carefully read the cancellation and no-show prior to booking.

At full or partial cancellation of a traded product, the refund is made according to the conditions as set in the page hotel booked, in the section "Conditions of cancellation", on this page there is no information, and with the cancellation of related services (transfer, excursion, medical insurance, treatment, etc), the company "Israel Booking" Ltd. guided by the system of penal sanction with regard to actually incurred costs.
In the composition of actual expenditure of the company "Israel Booking" Ltd. sanctions included direct service providers for the cancellation of booking, the cost is non-refundable, documented.
The standard minimum amount of costs incurred for late cancellations or non-arrival of the customer at the hotel ("no show") is equivalent to the cost of one night's accommodation in the hotel.
In addition to the actual costs incurred upon refusal of the customer from the utilization of tourism products, the company "Israel Booking" Ltd. shall be entitled (but not obliged) to retain penalties in the amount of$100.
Also, there are additional conditions of cancellation of the tourism product for the period of the "high" date, which include New Year and Christmas (from 24 December to 19 January), May holidays (from 27 April to 12 may), the period of Jewish holidays (from 01 September to 20 October), high season dates at hotels (01 August to 31 August), during the Easter period (March-April) each year, periods of school and student holidays, carnivals, international competitions, festivals, sporting events, special program - Olympic games, Championships and other extraordinary dates and events. If cancelled during the "high" date company "Israel Booking" Ltd. entitled to deduct the amount as follows:
• in the period from 45 to 30 days – a cash sum equivalent to 10% of the tour price;
• from 30 to 15 days - a cash sum equivalent to 50% of the tour price;
• less than 15 days - a cash sum equivalent to 100% of the tour price.
If the flight included in the tour price, the deduction amount is calculated additionally. The refund is carried out according to the rules provided by the carrier.

Conditions of return:
Refund in case of cancellation of services will be made possible with the retention of the amount of penalties described in "penalties".
Attention! A refund will be paid within five days from the date of issuance of cancellation. Further terms of the cash transfer depends on the internal regulations of payment systems and banks and can be up to thirty working days. Refunds will be made according to the original form of payment.

All software necessary to provide our services and/or used on the website Israel and intellectual property rights (including copyright) belong to "Israel Booking" Ltd., unless otherwise specified.
These terms and conditions, and the provision of our services is governed by and in accordance with Israeli law. All disputes arising on the basis of these General terms and conditions and our services shall be resolved exclusively in the court of the city of Haifa, Israel.


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