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Excursions in Israel

The most ancient monuments of human civilization and historic objects and the traces of three great religions of the world along with the most modern attributes of recreation and leisure will not leave indifferent any tourist who decides to come to Israel.

Israel offers not only the popular routes, such as: Jerusalem 3 religions, Christian Galilee, a day of rest at the Dead sea, Haifa-Akko-Caesarea, tel Aviv-Jaffa, but thematic tours, such as the Kabbalists of Safed, for lubeley archaeology - underground Jerusalem, for nature lovers - the Golan heights, Eing Gedi, Rosh Hanikra and others.

To book an excursion, You only need to choose an interesting tour, to determine the dates, and specify the gathering place - others will do it for us!



Tours in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem you can walk for weeks and each time discover something new. You can take a guide or join a group tour. In this section, we picked the most popular group and individual programs Подробнее »

Tours in tel Aviv

Offer to attend a group tour of the "tel-Aviv" or "the Legend of the White city", these tours are a gift, free when you purchase any service on the website Israelbooking Подробнее »

Excursions in Eilat

Eilat offers its guests a large variety of boat excursions and entertainment for the whole family:
parks, aquarium, Dolphin reef, camel farm and more! Подробнее »

Excursions to Galilee

The Galilee area is quite large, tour ekskursiyarasschitana the day. In one route you can visit the main cities and attractions of the North of Israel is the Jordan river, Nazareth. Capernaum, Tabgha. Tiberias and more. Подробнее »

Tours to Haifa

Bahai gardens, religious landmarks, natural and amusement parks, and a neighborhood of Haifa and the North offer some of the best routes for each. Подробнее »

Excursions to the Dead sea

The most popular excursions is a one - day vacation on the coast of the Dead sea. There are several variations of this holiday: swimming at the beach resort of Ein Bokek, on site with lunch and use of the SPA, the settlement of gaselectronica and the beac Подробнее »

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