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About Israel

One of the youngest States in the civilized world, with the oldest in world history, Israel is experiencing a new rise of tourism industry, opening themselves and their innumerable opportunities for travel and recreation world. Read more »


Where the deep rift of the Gulf of Aqaba, like the scimitar cuts off a huge chunk of Sinai, exactly on the edge, like a precious drop of the almost Martian landscape of the Negev desert, a Mirage occurs a fabulous man-made wonder of the world – famous resort of Eilat. Its luxury hotels, like the pyramids or the hanging gardens and terraces down to the sea, the saturated colors of aquamarine, and a Golden strip of sandy beaches stretches for nearly 12 kilometres, around a horseshoe Bay, while to hundreds and thousands of tourists these beaches in peak season always is not enough. Eilat is a very new resort, only in 1953 was given the status of city, and at the same time Israel began to build and decorate, turning the luxurious resort of international importance, worthy of all that Israel makes the world. But people lived there and six thousand years ago, the city existed in the time of king Solomon, the era of the Romans were based here a military garrison, blocking the natural entrance to the Northern land of Palestine and the Jews. The place is in all ages attracted people, first as a military and strategic point, then the trade port, but nowadays Eilat had become a place of leisure and entertainment, to turn into a famous tourist center first for tireless Israelis, and now to all comers from any country of the world. Sixty years ago, when this place was an Inn for the Bedouin camel drivers, it seemed that here and to live it is impossible, but unique natural conditions, the mind and the work of architects and builders have transformed the area, making it truly a Paradise on Earth. Read more »

Dead sea

Dead sea ("Salt sea", which in Hebrew is "Yam king", also Asphalt sea, the sea of Sodom) is a closed salt lake in the deepest part of the Jordan basin on the border between Israel and Jordan, formed millions of years ago by tectonic and volcanic processes. Currently the water level in the Dead sea at 427 meters below sea level, the lowest land are... Read more »

Tel Aviv

     Современный гигантский приморский мегаполис – Тель-Авив – лицо сегодняшнего Израиля, его красочная витрина и гордость, самый молодой город Средиземноморья, корни которого, однако, уходят далеко в прошлое. Совсем недавно в современном Тель-Авиве археологи нашли следы цивилизации возрастом как минимум 8 тысячелетий.     Первые поселенцы «новой ... Read more »


Tours in Netanya is a great place to relax on the beach, to get a Golden tan and carefree to spend time in Nightclubs and bars. Vacation in Netanya – for those who are not used to being bored, for those who want to have fun from the heart! Netanya is a ci Read more »


It is the capital of Israel, the city depicted on ancient maps in the center of the world and retains its special place in the hearts of people. What is not written or said about the Holy city - Jerusalem, the eternal and reunited again, the construction Read more »

North of Israel

Haifa, acre, Tiberias, Nazareth, Safed, Nahariya, the Galilee area hotels - all these resorts You can find in this section will familiarize with sights of the North, popular excursions and just work places. Read more »

Center of Israel

Here are collected a small town of Central Israel, such as: Herzliya, bat Yam. Rehovot.
The centre of the country of interest primarily to those who want to see all major sights of the country, to one of these cities go out sightseeing almost all historic Read more »

South of Israel

Ashdod, Ashkelon, Mitzpe Ramon, and other cities of southern Israel Read more »

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