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Center of Israel



Elite town between tel Aviv and Netanya. The seaside neighborhood of Herzliya Pituach is called "village of millionaires". They are full of luxurious villas, white sandy beaches, luxury hotels and restaurants. Read more »

Bat Yam

Bat Yam is a city on the Mediterranean coast South of Jaffa is in tel Aviv district of Israel. It shares borders with the towns of Holon, Rishon LeZion and tel Aviv. Read more »


Rehovot City in the Central district of Israel, 20 km South-East of tel Aviv. Young, progressive city, founded in the late 19th century. Today the main branch of economy, developed in Rehovot scientific research and modern high technology. The history of Read more »


Bethlehem - one of the major cities in Israel to visit the Christian pilgrims. And all because here, according to the gospel, Jesus Christ was born. Read more »

Dead sea

Dead sea ("Salt sea", which in Hebrew is "Yam king", also Asphalt sea, the sea of Sodom) is a closed salt lake in the deepest part of the Jordan basin on the border between Israel and Jordan, formed millions of years ago by tectonic and volcanic processes. Currently the water level in the Dead sea at 427 meters below sea level, the lowest land are... Read more »

Tel Aviv

     Современный гигантский приморский мегаполис – Тель-Авив – лицо сегодняшнего Израиля, его красочная витрина и гордость, самый молодой город Средиземноморья, корни которого, однако, уходят далеко в прошлое. Совсем недавно в современном Тель-Авиве археологи нашли следы цивилизации возрастом как минимум 8 тысячелетий.     Первые поселенцы «новой ... Read more »


Tours in Netanya is a great place to relax on the beach, to get a Golden tan and carefree to spend time in Nightclubs and bars. Vacation in Netanya – for those who are not used to being bored, for those who want to have fun from the heart! Netanya is a ci Read more »

Excursions in center

The most popular tours of the center, is primarily a tour around Jerusalem with its innumerable routes. For those who prefer a more relaxing stay, choose the Dead sea, or a tour of the old city of Jaffa. Read more »


It is the capital of Israel, the city depicted on ancient maps in the center of the world and retains its special place in the hearts of people. What is not written or said about the Holy city - Jerusalem, the eternal and reunited again, the construction Read more »

Center Attractions

Attractions in Israel at almost every step, as they are many and in the Central region in General and in specific cities. Read more »

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