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Excursions in center


Abu gosh, Latrun, Stalactite caves

Latrun is a famous place at the foot of the Judean hills, where once the Christ was revealed to the disciples in Amausi.Visit to the modern monastery is the place and tasting of monastery wines. Explore the ruins of the churches of the Byzantine time and the time of the Crusades. Arab village of Abu Ghosh is located in the place where in ancient ti... Learn more »

Bethlehem, Ein Karem

Bethlehem (Bethlehem) – birthplace of Jesus Christ. Local tradition has preserved the cave in which Christ was born. In the beginning of the 4th century BC. above the cave was built the Church of the Nativity. This Church and the adjacent area of the Christmas visit of our tourists. The interiors of the Church, mosaic floors, frescoes and icons bel... Learn more »

Dead sea - Spa, lunch

Wellness SPA complex in the hotel Lot or Hod on the dead sea shore, including swimming pools with sea water, Jacuzzi and sauna. Lunch in the hotel restaurant. Learn more »

Russian Orthodox Jerusalem

Begin in the Central part of Jerusalem in the Russian Compound. In the center of the Monastery stands the magnificent building of Holy Trinity Cathedral, built in the mid 19th century. The buildings of the town are named in honor of Trustees of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, who were members of the Royal family. Near the Cathedra... Learn more »

Tel-Aviv. White city.

Group tour gift. For tourists who had already visited Israel and visited Jaffa, was added the option of visiting the "White city", thanks to which tel Aviv has become part of world cultural heritage UNESCO. Having been on tour, you will learn: why tel Aviv is called "the White city"; dreamed of home owners Dreams; why is the pearl tel Aviv architec... Learn more »

Abu Gosh, Latrun, Mini Israel

On this tour you will be able to see the modern monastery is the place, the ruins of the churches of the Byzantine time and the time of the Crusades and visit Mini-Israel, where are models most of the sights of the Holy Land - monuments of history and cul Learn more »

Jerusalem Christian, Bethlehem

Note: when leaving Eilat, time and date of the excursion additionally managers!
On this tour you will get acquainted with the Birthplace of Jesus Christ - Bethlehem. Will be able to see the main attractions of the Holy land. Learn more »

Dead sea Spa Ein Gedi

The program includes: beach access, SPA-centre, a tourist complex of Ein Gedi on the Dead sea shore. It offers the whole set of healthy procedures. Guests can enjoy a swim in the pool with fresh mineral spring water, sunbathe or take a massage. Learn more »

Jerusalem Underground

  The tour is designed for lovers of antiquity and Archaeology begins with an overview of the city and excavations from the summit of the mount of olives. Then the tourists go down to the foot of the mount of olives in the Kidron valley and visiting the ancient Jewish gravestones that have been preserved from the time of the second temple. Centra... Learn more »

Monasteries of the Judean desert

The monastery of St. Gerasimos, Monastery of George Hozevita in Wadi qelt, the mount of Karantal, all the monasteries of the Judean desert, the birthplace of Christianity. Learn more »

Jerusalem Review

  Only in this tour you can visit the world-famous Institute and Museum of Heroism and the Holocaust "Yad Vashem". The Institute was founded more than half a century ago, when there were many living witnesses of the tragedy of the destruction of the Jewish people in Nazi-occupied territories and heroes of the resistance to fascism. Particularly imp... Learn more »

Dead sea beach

You can relax on the Dead sea beach, to gain strength, to breathe healthy air and to sunbathe. Anyone can purchase a popular cosmetics with Dead sea minerals. Learn more »

Jerusalem - city of three religions

Panorama of Jerusalem from the olive (olives) mountain: old city, Temple mount, Mary Magdalene and the other churches (review). Gethsemane. Visit the garden of Gethsemane – the place of the arrest of Christ and "the Church of All Nations". Orthodox underg Learn more »

Individual tour Dead sea

Private tour especially for You! A personal guide will tell and show You all the history and attractions of the Dead sea region. Learn more »

Dead Sea - Masada

One of the most amazing sites in Israel, all because tells the story of brave people who decided to commit suicide, in order not to surrender to the Romans. Masada is located atop a high plateau and offers breathtaking views of the Dead sea area. Learn more »

Private tour to Jerusalem

Private tour for small groups who are interested in professional VIP service at the highest level. We offer you comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles for carrying out your chosen excursions. You can order an excursion any convenient for you time and day of the week. Program excursii can be adjusted at your discretion. The cost of a private tour in... Learn more »

Jericho - Dead sea

This trip allows you not only to witness the legendary city of Jericho, but also to experience the salty water of the Dead sea. Learn more »

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