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Herzliya hotels

They are full of luxurious villas, white sandy beaches, expensive hotels. The town has a large yacht Harbor and airfield for small private planes. And the famous private medical centre. Read more »

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Herzliya is a city in the fertile valley of Sharon on the sea shore between tel Aviv and Netanya, with a population of just over 70 thousand people. American Jews founded with the financial support of the Jewish Agency in 1924, was named after the founder of Zionism Theodor Herzl (1860-1904). Sharon valley has long been famous for rich harvests, and the settlement of new immigrants spread out among the orange and lemon groves. But very soon the agricultural settlement rassosati and has become a modern city, absorbing neighboring towns. The memory of the founding fathers of Herzliya is depicted in the coat of arms of the city of seven Golden stars on a yacht and a ship helm, which is also an ulterior motive: in a cozy sea Harbor Herzliya (Marina) at all times, docked ships, and today is one of the most prestigious yacht clubs in Israel, where any tourist are always welcome, but if you never had to deal with sails and rudder, here you will teach and in ten days you will become the owner of the diploma, allowing you to independently go to the sea.

Herzliya respectfully referred to as the Israeli "Silicon valley", here you will find the most modern enterprises 'high-tech', have the best minds of the country and live the richest people of Israel. Cozy Herzliya was chosen and the diplomatic corps, especially as the business capital of Israel tel Aviv is just 12-15 km Primorskoye highway.. Even spoiled by the sea and its beaches, the residents of tel Aviv prefer to spend weekends at the beaches and restaurants of Herzliya.
International well-known is exclusive Herzliya medical center, located on the waterfront in the area of hotels. Experts a unique multi complex treat the most complex diseases. Usually, you can complete the survey here and obtain the opinion of the most competent doctors.

Until recently, hotels and villas in Herzliya chose a solid tour of Western Europe and America, but now Russian tourists who appreciate the "discreet charm" of the bourgeoisie, gathered here for a relaxed and varied holiday. And believe me, in Herzliya, as in Greece, has everything to please the most discerning and demanding traveler!

Beautiful views from any window of your room, warm clear sea, six kilometres of well-maintained beaches with white fine sand and pools with sea and fresh water, fitness centers and SPA – for body; of the archaeological monuments of ancient civilizations, among them the national historical Park of Apollonia, named for the legendary colony of ancient Greeks-Greeks who once inhabited these places, where before our time preserved remains of Greco-Roman buildings and found objects from even earlier Phoenician era, art galleries and museums the oldest land in the world – for the soul; the largest and richest shopping centre of Israel, arena, Nightclubs, restaurants with exquisite cuisine of the Mediterranean countries, with the freshest fruit and vegetables and freshly caught fish and seafood, fishing and sailing on yachts and catamarans, an unforgettable delight of underwater diving, a variety trip to Israel – Caesarea, Netanya, Haifa, museums and galleries tel Aviv and of course Jerusalem, which is only an hour away, will satisfy the tastes of any tourist. You will never regret choosing for your vacation Herzliya!


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