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Dead sea


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Dead Sea Hotels

Israeli territory in the southern part of the Dead sea, in the middle of the Judean desert, near Ein Bokek and Neve Zohar built a whole complex of 13 modern hotels. Almost all of them have their own SPA centres. Read more »

Tritment programs in Dead sea

The main directions of health tourism in Israel: the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, musculoskeletal system, broncho-pulmonary diseases, dysfunction of the nervous system. Read more »

Excursions to the Dead sea

The most popular excursions is a one - day vacation on the coast of the Dead sea. There are several variations of this holiday: swimming at the beach resort of Ein Bokek, on site with lunch and use of the SPA, the settlement of gaselectronica and the beac Read more »

Attraction in Dead Sea

The dead sea is primarily known for its health resorts. Curious customers can visit the nature reserve of Ein Gedi, the fortress of Masada, Qumran or watch around the coastline. Read more »

Dead sea on the map

Загружаем карту Израиля

Dead sea ("Salt sea", which in Hebrew is "Yam king", also Asphalt sea, the sea of Sodom) is a closed salt lake in the deepest part of the Jordan basin on the border between Israel and Jordan, formed millions of years ago by tectonic and volcanic processes. Currently the water level in the Dead sea at 427 meters below sea level, the lowest land area on Earth, the so-called "Bottom of the World" or "the Navel of the Earth". Salts in the water of this lake-sea dissolved about 300 grams per liter, which is almost ten times the salinity of normal sea water, and in varying degrees the elements of almost the entire periodic table.
Today the Dead sea is divided into two pools, connected by an isthmus, a southern depth of about six meters, and the Northern reaches 185 meters. At its widest point, the sea spreads up to 18 kilometers, the total amount of this highly concentrated brine of about 110 cubic kilometers, and the surface area over one thousand square kilometers. The place is located almost in the center of the rocky Judean desert, unique: additional 400 meters of the atmosphere are the highest pressure compared to other points of the globe, and the oxygen content in the air by 10-15% more, which creates the effect of natural altitude chamber! In addition, an additional layer of the atmosphere and evaporation from the sea surface, the aerosol forming "pillow" significantly lower "stiffness" of ultraviolet radiation, depriving it of its harmful impact, creating the ultimate sterility of air, which do not survive harmful bacteria and allergens. The high content of bromine in the air (10-20 times higher than any other place on the planet) a very positive effect on the human nervous system.
Here almost all year round summer and almost constant air temperature and sea water – without drastic daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations. The combination of unusual atmosphere, solar activity, dry climate and water create a unique environment for unique, unique where else resort, famous since ancient times and has received in our time a powerful impetus in infrastructure development, now attracts tourists from all over the world. On the rocky desert shores of the Dead sea it is found in many thermal springs that are rich in selenium, on the banks and shallow water known deposits of therapeutic peloid mud, a treatment that was used during the Roman Empire. Gladiators were treated this black mud to his wounds, even Cleopatra used it to maintain their silk of skin, and the Roman Consul mark Antony laid it at the feet of the Queen of an entire city on the shores of the Dead sea.
Healing black mud from the Dead sea – a mixture of sea minerals and organic substances were formed over thousands of years. Minerals help to enrich the cells with oxygen, improving their metabolism, resulting in accelerated removal of toxins from the body, and the moisture is better retained in the skin, significantly improves its quality, preserving its elasticity, and hence the youth. The resort Dead sea very seriously, with most modern devices and procedures that treat a range of diseases of the skin, respiratory, chronic arthritis and arthropathy, as well as neurological and andrological diseases. At all times the Dead sea has been able to treat something that is not very amenable to traditional medicine, as it heals very nature – air, sun and water.
Israeli territory in the southern part of the Dead sea, in the middle of the Judean desert, in the town of Ein Bokek built a modern complex of 13 hotels, which offers over four thousand rooms of different standards and prices with the comfort and facilities characteristic of high civilization. Almost all of them have their own SPAS, outdoor and indoor swimming pools with heated (in cooler weather) salt and fresh water, mud baths, restaurants and bars, all necessary for rest and treatment infrastructure and well-trained staff, among which there is always a Russian-speaking employee.
Of course, the Dead sea go especially those who need treatment, and for its success must go quite a long course – from one to four weeks, but many tourists come here on short term (from one to several days) to just kick back, relax in these extraordinary conditions, or to look at this "eighth" wonder of the world.
It should be noted that swimming in a thick, extremely salty waters of the Dead sea is very specific: it is almost impossible to move, difficult to dive, and the water on the mucous membranes causes severe burns. When bathing should be protected from water nose, mouth and especially eyes, and if it failed, you should immediately rinse with fresh water under the shower, which are located immediately on the shore. Swimming is recommended only for adults, three times a day for 15 minutes, the children only by prior arrangement with the doctor. The sensations swimming in the Dead sea can be compared to swimming in salty oil – touch water seems oily, due to the vast number of various salts. Rest and treatment at the Dead sea does not apply to beach tourism, it should probably go here for a family holiday with small children – there are other wonderful places in Israel. Here is the advantage of unique therapeutic and relaxation properties of the space. The days are replete with painted pre-treatments, the evenings are pretty quiet entertaining programme is mainly live music and bingo for the gambling of the Israelites. As the choice of restaurants in addition to hotels is not great to power it is best to use the hotels offer full Board or half Board.
The dead sea and the surrounding desert are famous not only for climate and the salt lake-the sea almost at every step you will encounter biblical events, history of the Christianity. For those wishing, in free from procedures time, offers dozens of different tours for every taste: visits to the legendary fortress of Masada, in ancient Jerusalem, Bethlehem or Jericho, the archaeological sites or Hiking through the canyons and gorges of the desert, travel in small oases-kibbutz, for example, in Ein Gedi that is located in the freshwater sources. Today it is a rich farming community, where rages the realm of man-made greenery, where they grow plantations of date palms and mango trees. Here hardworking Israelis gather from four to ten crops per year of fruits and vegetables and with touching care keep alive the world of these ancient places. Ein Gedi also has a hotel here for lovers of peace and privacy offers small houses-Zimmer in the Eastern style, however, in this case, you have to be ready for some language problems, but the hospitality and food are guaranteed.
For thrill-seekers and extreme sports we offer rock climbing, a tour of waterfalls and canyons with elements of climbing technique, paragliding, mountain Biking and even diving in the Dead sea salt strata (only for the experienced divers who have trained at least two stars).
The legendary Neil Armstrong, who visited these places after his moon landing, exclaimed that it is real lunar landscapes! You also happen to wonder and admire, you just have to choose to come here for a miracle.
Whatever the term, you come one day and combine the trip with a guided tour in Jerusalem, on the weekend or your entire vacation – you will always find something to their liking and will be able to reward yourself with an unforgettable pleasure. Welcome to the lowest point on the planet – at the "Bottom of the World"!


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