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Dead Sea Hotels

Hotels at the Dead sea located near the resort towns of Ein Gedi, Ein Bokek and Neve Zohar. The length of the Dead sea is about 65 km and width of about 20, and the whole area - a complete resort, where the legend cannot be burnt. However, not everywhere on this road there are hotels, local resorts, beaches. Where the system HoReCa, focused most famous cities-resorts. For example, Ein-Bokek, consisting only of hotels. Any local resident with a private house. And Ein Gedi, the oasis town in the desert of Judea, this is the national sanctuary and the most famous place for the production of cosmetics based on Dead sea minerals.

In Ein Gedi there are two real obstacles: tourists and goats. Due to the continuous flow of the first it impossible to enjoy the beauty of wildlife and to photograph it, while the latter interfere with the first, bringing confusion, chaos and the interactive elements when they on the roofs of private vehicles and buses. While it looks cute and harmoniously. Especially chasing animals.

The hotels on the Dead sea.
Many Dead sea hotels offer SPA treatments with the use of medical cosmetics from the Dead sea, Jacuzzi, sun terraces, free Internet, equipped beaches, children's playgrounds with animators and much needed for fully health-improving rest. Among the famous hotels of the Dead sea — the Isrotel Dead Sea, Herods Dead Sea, Daniel, Hod Hamidbar Resort and SPA, SPA Club Hotel, Isrotel Ganim Leonardo.

Vert Dead Sea 5*

One of the best Dead sea hotels. The hotel is on the beach. Huge selection of different medical services and spa procedures.

Daniel Dead Sea 5*

The hotel is located in the centre of Ein Bokek. It offers a private beach, a large Spa centre.

David Dead Sea Resort & Spa 5*

Located on the shores of the dead sea.

Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel 4*

The hotel is located just 5 minutes ' drive from the Dead sea

Herods Dead Sea 5* DLX

The hotel is located on the shores of the Dead sea, near the mountains of Edom.

Herbert Samuel Dead Sea 5*

One 9-storey building with elevators. All 203 rooms. Pets are not allowed.

Isrotel Dead Sea 5*

The hotel is right on the shores of the Dead sea.

Isrotel Ganim 4+*

The hotel is located on the shores of the Dead sea in the tourist area of Ein Bokek, a 2-minute walk from the beach

Leonardo Club Dead Sea 4*

The hotel is located on a private beach in the hotel zone area of Ein Bokek

Leonardo Inn Dead Sea 3*

The hotel is located in the hotel area of Ein Bokek, a few minutes ' walk from a private beach. It is great for a peaceful stay at the Dead sea

Lot 4* Dead Sea

Its own Wellness complex, built according to modern standards - a separate pride of the hotel.

Leonardo Plaza Dead Sea 4*

The Fattal hotel network, is located across the road from the sea, near Neve Zohar. The name of the hotel Leonardo Privilege Dead Sea to the end of April 2016, may 2016 work under a new name Leonardo Plaza Dead Sea.

Oasis 4*

The Oasis Dead Sea hotel is uniquely decorated in a Moroccan style and situated on the shores of the Dead sea in the resort town of Ein Bokek .

Orchid Dead Sea 3*

The only three star hotel area of Ein Bokek, located on the shores of the Dead sea, has private beach

Royal 5*

Located on the shores of the dead sea

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