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Monasteries of the Judean desert

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The history of monasticism in Christianity and Judaism. A visit to the Greek monastery of St.. Gerasimos of the Jordan, the founder of the first monastery hostel. The monastery is the icon of the Theotokos Mlekopitatel.Bathing in the Jordan river at the Historic site of baptism of Jesus Christ.Visit the city of Jericho and the monastery of Temptation, ascending by cable car to the top of mount of Temptation (Qarantal) where was Jesus standing over Jericho valley and the place where he was tempted by Satan. Chariton cave from the 4th century.Chasevisa George monastery – the place where the relics of John the Romanian, and the cave where he otshelnika Elijah the Prophet – the place where he was given a message by Archangel Joachim of the birth of the virgin Mary.

*You must have: swimsuit, travel. passport and 60 shekels to pay for funicular. To visit the monasteries, women are required shawl and skirt.

. A visit to the Greek monastery SV. Gerasimos of the Jordan, Qasr al Yahud is the Jordan river,Jericho and the monastery Temptations,the Cave of Chariton from the 4th century,the Monastery George Hozevit .

Reconstruction8 hours road
Dressto visit some religious places and monasteries, men and women have to have clothes covering shoulders, chest, knees, as well women need to cover their heads.
Language guiderussian
Number of people in a groupBus
Additional chargespersonal expenses, meals,
tips for guide and driver welcome at Your discretion.
You should have: a bathing suit, and travel. passport and 60 shekels to pay for the funicular.

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