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Hotels in Eilat

Hotels in Eilat can easily cope with the tasks and the number and quality of service. No wonder, this city is the epicenter of beach tourism among Israelis and the hallmark resort life Read more »

Excursions in Eilat

Eilat offers its guests a large variety of boat excursions and entertainment for the whole family:
parks, aquarium, Dolphin reef, camel farm and more! Read more »

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Загружаем карту Израиля

Where the deep rift of the Gulf of Aqaba, like the scimitar cuts off a huge chunk of Sinai, exactly on the edge, like a precious drop of the almost Martian landscape of the Negev desert, a Mirage occurs a fabulous man-made wonder of the world – famous resort of Eilat. Its luxury hotels, like the pyramids or the hanging gardens and terraces down to the sea, the saturated colors of aquamarine, and a Golden strip of sandy beaches stretches for nearly 12 kilometres, around a horseshoe Bay, while to hundreds and thousands of tourists these beaches in peak season always is not enough.

Eilat is a very new resort, only in 1953 was given the status of city, and at the same time Israel began to build and decorate, turning the luxurious resort of international importance, worthy of all that Israel makes the world. But people lived there and six thousand years ago, the city existed in the time of king Solomon, the era of the Romans were based here a military garrison, blocking the natural entrance to the Northern land of Palestine and the Jews. The place is in all ages attracted people, first as a military and strategic point, then the trade port, but nowadays Eilat had become a place of leisure and entertainment, to turn into a famous tourist center first for tireless Israelis, and now to all comers from any country of the world. Sixty years ago, when this place was an Inn for the Bedouin camel drivers, it seemed that here and to live it is impossible, but unique natural conditions, the mind and the work of architects and builders have transformed the area, making it truly a Paradise on Earth.

In these regions unique climate – subtropical desert. Relative humidity is only 20-30%, which makes it relatively easy to carry even forty-degree heat in the middle of summer. The sun in Eilat shines 360 days a year, rainfall here is not seen, winter itself is also no. But the sea, thanks to its depth, all year round keeps even temperature and not heated over 25 degrees, unlike the Mediterranean, which is hopeless to look cool in the height of summer. Eilat – a resort all the year round, but it is the most attractive in the period from autumn to spring.
It is clear that the main attractions are the climate, the sea and the opportunity to lie on a sandy shore, but in addition to these fundamental elements of a beach holiday in Eilat and surrounding area are many interesting and unique that will make your stay eventful and unforgettable.

Here, off the coast of Eilat, are the northernmost on Earth coral reefs and diverse underwater world which attracts lovers of underwater sports of all kinds. In many well-equipped centers of diving dives are conducted throughout the year, you can take the initial training course, but if you don't want to dive with either scuba or snorkel, you can go on a tour of the underwater Observatory, located in the coral reef reserve, eight kilometres South of the city, and, descending twenty feet under water by a spiral staircase, to admire through the huge portholes corals and exotic fish of different kinds, colors and shades, scurrying in underwater thickets of the so-called "Japanese garden". Here in the huge aquarium-pools it is possible to observe giant tortoises, shipohvosty stingrays and even sharks, and the feeding of these predators by the diver, giving explanations to the public, transformed into unforgettable amusement.

In the underwater center "Dolphin reef" it is possible not only to watch a flock of playful bottlenose dolphins, but also swim in their company in scuba diving or snorkeling. This is especially interesting for children, although fun, like virtually everything available in Eilat, costs a lot of money. We must understand that Israel is its own country is quite expensive, because only the minimum salary is nearly $ 1,200 per month (forty thousand!), besides, in Israel one of the highest taxes in the world, and to contain such a huge farm on the edge of the desert, creating the conditions for the tourists not just the comfort and soothing bliss and luxury, is also very expensive. Therefore, we can say that the comparison with the cheapness of Egypt and Turkey is simply inappropriate. Want to save money, look for cheaper but if you want to experience the real Oriental fairy tale, it to Eilat!

In approaching the city, the desert also has lots of interesting features, such as the national Park of Timna, representing the crater of the ancient volcano, now a valley, surrounded by picturesque cliffs reaching hundreds of metres in height. The winds and time have transformed these rocks and outcrops in the picturesque Museum under open sky. Here you can see the rock and the mushroom rock and the Sphinx, and the multiplicity of outcropping ancient layers of the earth's crust creates the illusion of being on some unknown planet. With one of the rocks offers spectacular views of canyons, delicate arches, cliffs of white and red Sandstone, and if lucky, and to see the inhabitants of the reserve, herds of mountain goats and deer. Amazingly, here are the famous copper mines of king Solomon, and the copper was smelted here in ancient blast furnaces thousands of years ago. Park Timna laid dozens of routes of geological and historical subjects. You can travel back in time on foot, and by jeep and even camel. Only in Timna, in the only place on earth, mined unique gemstone, which was formed in the fiery magma of the earth by the fusion of malachite and lapis lazuli. Even when king Solomon was mined here for this "Eilat" stone and cut it for decorations, now the stocks of this unique stone is almost exhausted, while in Eilat you can still buy products with it.
Eilat offers many ways to see the pristine beauty of the desert and touch the biblical and universal shrines. In a one-day reach of Eilat is located St. Catherine's monastery, Moses mountain, where he talked with the Almighty in the image of the Burning Bush, the famous Petra, whose palaces carved into the rocky canyon, on the territory of Jordan, the legendary fortress of Masada on a rocky mountain in the Negev desert – the creation of king Herod and eternal monument to the unparalleled courage of the Jews, not living surrendered to the Romans-the conquerors, and he himself the king of the cities of the earth, Jerusalem, and of the Dead sea with its unique water and air.

You can find more relaxing excursions such as camel farm, where they hold still and the goat herd to produce delicate cheeses, or to be like the watchers in the reserve, through which it migrates in spring and autumn, a myriad of birds, and you can go on a short voyage on a yellow submarine or if you're afraid to feel about the same, but in the underwater simulator, in the end, you can spend a lot of time in Kings City – entertainment complex, where four thousand square meters visitors can visit a virtual journey to Ancient Egypt, to descend to a depth of 60 meters under the ground and visit the stalactite cave, sail on a boat on the underground river through the halls of king Solomon and were about to fall from a twenty-meter waterfall, or to look not only in Israel in the IMAX 3D cinema, you can go shopping, taking advantage of duty-free trade in Eilat, or just to savor exotic cocktails on the beach or poolside.

In Eilat you all!

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