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Excursions in Eilat

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Tour to Petra dinner

You have a unique opportunity to see one of the wonders of the world, enjoy the view and learn a lot! Learn more »

Eilat. The scuba diving.

Introductory scuba diving. You expect amazing world of the red sea, the exotic of the world's most beautiful coral reefs and lot of positive impressions. The immersion experience is not required, suitable for children and adults. Just go through a 15 minute briefing where You will learn how to breathe and move under water, You'll be able to di... Learn more »

Eilat Red sea

The Negev Desert. Sightseeing tour of Eilat. Red sea. Factory Eilat stone. Coral beach. For those wishing optional: visit to the underwater Observatory, boat with transparent bottom. The Dolphinarium. (in case of group) Other excursions in the South Trips to the Dead sea In the center of the country Excursions to the North of the co... Learn more »

Eilat. Cruise around the Bay

  Cruise around the Bay on the yacht, 4 hours with lunch.  . ... Learn more »

Eilat. Night fishing off the boat.

Night fishing off the boat Great opportunity to spend time in Eilat and enjoy the process of fishing, and the results. Water in the Red sea Eilat Bay is always clean and cool. We provide tackle, bait and instruction for beginners. We try to do everything possible so that even beginners were able to catch a fish. The most valuable prey is consider... Learn more »

Eilat.Camel ranch.

Excursion on camels cheese tasting on verbleiben ranch (2 hours)   ... Learn more »

Eilat. Timna Park.

  The Park is a valley surrounded by steep colorful cliffs, sometimes reaching 850 m. Erosion has created fanciful shapes: stone sphinxes, giant mushrooms, birds. In the Timna Park is located the oldest copper mine in the world. Copper mining started here over four millennia BC, i.e. 6,000 years ago. In the Timna Park offers many Hiking trails,... Learn more »

Boat trip around the Bay.

Boat with transparent bottom at the Eilat Bay. Learn more »

Eilat. Swimming with dolphins

Dolphin Reef covers an area of about 10 000 sq. meters, and its depth is 18 meters, this is a unique place where visitors can enjoy the natural atmosphere, with the opportunity to meet and observe dolphins in their natural habitat. Thanks wooden, floating bridges, dolphins can be seen at arm's length, and sometimes even pet them. Here lives a whol... Learn more »

Eilat. The Museum Aquarium

Museum Aquarium in Eilat is a Maritime Museum with underwater Observatory. In large aquariums, located in the Museum presents all types of fauna of the red sea. In the underwater Observatory Museum, going to the sea 10 m, you can watch the inhabitants of the underwater world in a natural environment. The Observatory is a tower located in the heart... Learn more »

Dolfin reef beach

"Dolphin reef" — an amazing place where visitors can not only observe the life of dolphins, but to swim in a place with them in the open sea. Learn more »

Camel ranch 4 hours

We invite you on a fascinating journey on camels for the whole family. The ranch is located in picturesque Eilat rocks, 4 km South of Eilat. The camel ranch was founded in 1987 by an extraordinary man by Giora Pri-tal and his son tal. The ranch is located a short drive from the centre of Eilat on napravleniu to the Egyptian border, in the middle of... Learn more »

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