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Jerusalem Hotels

Stay here attracted by the atmosphere of the middle Ages. You can find hotels of different levels and needs. Hotels in East Jerusalem, more democratic prices. In the Central and historical part of the city mostly accommodation is quite expensive.
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Tours in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem you can walk for weeks and each time discover something new. You can take a guide or join a group tour. In this section, we picked the most popular group and individual programs Read more »

Jerusalem attractions

Besides the Old town, which is the main attraction, the Jerusalem interesting complex of government buildings, ancient quarters of the 19th century, excavations from the times of Jesus and other historical places Read more »

Jerusalem museums

Museum of Jerusalem are among the leading museums in Europe and provides a rich collection of sculptures, prints and paintings, most famous artists in the world, here is the famous library and "Temple of books", where the dead sea scrolls found in the Jud Read more »

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Jerusalem, City of Peace (the Hebrew "Yerushalayim all Suite hotel", translated "city of peace"), the ancient Shrine of the civilized world, one of the oldest cities in the world – the capital of modern Israel, the city that was mentioned in the papers under the name of Jebus even three thousand years BC. For a thousand years before our era, was conquered by the king of the Jews David and here, on mount Zion, and he moved the capital of his new United Kingdom.

Ever since our days on this sun-scorched rocky earth with a white-stone city on hills trembling in the jets of hot air became the place of wars and ambitions of many Nations, empires and their rulers. Double-washed it from the face of the earth and strewed the ground with salt so that nothing grew on it, more than eighty wars and attacks survived Jerusalem, thirty-six times it passed from hand to hand, it conquered the Ancient Babylon, Alexander the great, the Persians, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Byzantines, Arabs and crusaders, and so many centuries in a row, but the Jews, having received by tradition this promised and blessed land from God himself, the roots and blood grew on her, reviving her from the dust of the Eretz Yisrael. The story of ancient Jerusalem, as the history of Israel and his people recorded in the Jewish Pentateuch and the Christian Bible, these hills were born the largest religion in the world – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Today a thriving city with almost million population is a fantastic mixture of cultures, the historical and biblical sites and places of pilgrimage and worship, at the same time, this cultural center, the constellation of museums, theatres, art galleries and gorgeous hotels that attract millions of tourists from all over the world.
Jerusalem is located on the watershed between the Mediterranean and Dead seas in the spurs of the Judean hills at a height of 650-840 meters above sea level and is characterised by contrasting mountain climate, the difference between day and night temperatures reaches at least 10 degrees, and the nights here are always cool.

Two hundred years ago Jerusalem was only a provincial town of the Ottoman Empire, and by the end of the 19th century, surrounded by an old fortified wall of Jerusalem in poverty and distress lived a little more than twenty thousand Jews, Arabs and Armenians. On the initiative of the Jewish philanthropist Moses Montefiore and Edmund de Rothschild began the construction of new quarters outside the city wall and the beginning of XX century the New Jerusalem was sixty blocks, built in the European manner. In the city began to appear architectural ensembles of the Christian missions to England, France, Russia, Italy and USA. By the time of formation of the state of Israel in 1948, Jerusalem was already a hundred thousand Jews, since 1952 was moved to the capital of the Jewish state, although East Jerusalem and the Old city with all shrines under the control of the so-called TRANS-Jordan until a long fifteen years. During the six day war in 1967 Jerusalem was entirely under the control of Israel, Marines, paratroopers who liberated the Old city, first prayed at the Wailing Wall – the main Shrine of the ancient Jewish, the remainder destroyed by the Romans two thousand years ago the Temple of Herod the Great.
Today the city is divided into two major areas: West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem, including the Old town. In West Jerusalem, which includes the neighborhoods built in the late 19th century by the Rothschild program, and new residential neighborhoods, lives the Jewish population of the city, there is also the Knesset (Israel Parliament), government buildings, Supreme court, Hebrew University campuses included in the top hundred of world universities, theaters, and industrial areas. In the center of this town in the quarter of MEA she'arim ultra-Orthodox Jews live. In West Jerusalem there are plenty of wonderful cozy hotels of wide price range, but the main attractions, which are concentrated in the Old town, you will have to get the transportation to and from Friday evening until Saturday evening is not working that can deliver the extra trouble.

East Jerusalem is part of Jerusalem occupied in 1948 by Jordan during the Arab-Israeli war and later in 1967 occupied by Israel, which, despite the recognition of the fact the UN and the majority of States that have legalized its Jerusalem the eternal and indivisible capital. And today the question of the status of Jerusalem to Israel or Palestine is the major stumbling block between the contesting parties, and it is connected first of all with the highest degree of sacredness of the city for both Jews and Muslims.

In the Old town, part of East Jerusalem, home to many monuments and sacred places, almost every stone of this area is of particular relic, but basic that you can't miss, once in Jerusalem is the Wailing Wall, the via Dolorosa, also known as the way of Jesus to Golgotha, the Holy sepulcher, which stands on the site of the execution and resurrection of Jesus, the glittering gold of the dome of the Rock mosque on the Temple Mount, where according to legend, ascended the prophet Muhammad, where once stood the ark of the Covenant in the days of the First Temple of king Solomon and the Jewish tradition began the creation of the world, the mount of olives the garden of Gethsemane, where on the last night Jesus prayed with his disciples. The old city is surrounded by already built in the XVI century. stone wall length of 4 km and a height of 12 m, with 35 towers and 11 gates. It is divided into 4 quarters by the names of denominations: Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian. Prices for accommodation in this historic district is very democratic, stay here attracted by the atmosphere of the middle Ages. Hotels in the Old town, as a rule, do not have stars, it's basically a B&B (trouble & Breakfast bed and Breakfast), pensions and apartments.

Hotels in East Jerusalem and a lot of them have good reviews and are distinguished by their hospitality. It is believed that in this area the ratio of quality and price the best, and the prices are somewhat lower than in the West and in the Old town, however, it is necessary to consider that in this mostly Arab region, evening and night very quiet – in the district generally there is no night life and very low prices can hide the dilapidation of the accommodation is the most modern and fashionable hotels are still located in the Jewish part of the city – in West Jerusalem. During the Christmas and Easter holidays when the city is flooded with pilgrims and tourists from all over the world, the prices in all hotels, regardless of class and level, climb at least a quarter.

Panoramic views of all Jerusalem, it is necessary to climb the legendary mount of olives. It is located on the outskirts, and it is possible to get there only by taxi, but it opens with an incredible view, and worth time and money. We need only note that women are not allowed to visit this Holy place alone.
Jerusalem is the largest Museum under the open sky, but for those who not for the first time visits this Holy city, it would be interesting to visit the museums under the roof, among them the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust "Yad Vashem" – "Memory and name", which are named millions of dead in Europe's Jews from 1933 to 1945, as well as the names of the righteous – people who saved Jews during those terrible times.
Wherever you are vacationing in Israel in the South, in Eilat, or in the North, in the Galilee, Haifa or Netanya, everywhere you can easily come with a tour or on your own in this unique city in the world – in Jerusalem. All people in the world are divided into those who have already visited Jerusalem, and those who happiness yet!

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