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North of Israel



Beautiful Haifa – one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities, the third city of Israel, it is the largest scientific and industrial center, a city where almost every sixth or seventh inhabitant is a student, which gives Haifa inexhaustible cheerfulnes Read more »


A city in the Western Galilee, located about 18 km North of the city of Haifa, on the Mediterranean sea. Acre, one of the oldest cities in Israel, was founded about 4000 years ago. The old city of acre inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO. No ci Read more »


The Northern city of Israel located on the Mediterranean coast, North of the National Park. The hallmarks of Caesarea are one - and two-story individual buildings (villas and cottages) and high incomes of its residents. Attractions in the town are the rui Read more »


Tiberias City on the Western shore of lake Kinneret in the Galilee, in the North-East of Israel. The city is one of the four Holy cities for Jews . The streets and alleys of the Old town are narrow and winding, and the old houses of black basalt give the Read more »


This is the Northern part of Israel, on the border with Lebanon, stretching from the Mediterranean sea in the West, the Jezreel valley on the South and the Jordan valley in the East, traditionally divided into Upper and Lower Galilee. Galilee attracts bot Read more »


Nazareth, a Town in lower Galilee, in Northern Israel. It is a sacred Christian city, the third largest after Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Here, according to the gospel, the Archangel Gabriel informed Mary of the begetting of the Holy spirit, and passed his c Read more »


The city of synagogues, ancient monuments, artists and romantic souls, the city of unforgettable sunsets and sunrises, city living at the height of bird flight you will remember for a lifetime. Located in the North of Israel, one of the four Holy cities f Read more »


Full name - mA'alot Tarshiha. A small town located in a very scenic mountainous area with pine forests in the Upper Galilee, at an altitude of 600 m above sea level, 17 km from the Mediterranean sea, approximately 40 km Northwest of Haifa. The city is ver Read more »


This is a resort town in Northern Israel, located at a distance of 34 km. North of Haifa, about 10 km North of ' Akko and 9 km South from the Northern border of Israel and the grottos of Rosh-ha-Nikra. His name comes from the word "Nagar" - "the river", i Read more »

Neve Ativ

A small Arab village which is located in the North of Israel. With this settlement offer beautiful views of the Druze villages. Close by is mount Hermon - the highest point in Israel. Read more »

Attractions of north

North Israel has collected a variety of attractions, both natural and historical and religious values. There were many stories described in the Bible. The North is rich in forests, mountains, waterfalls. Is the green dot on the map of Israel Read more »

Excursions on the North

All tours of the North: Haifa, acre, Nazareth, Caesarea, Golan heights, Jordan, Rosh Hanikra and other popular routes. The green expanses of the Galilee, biblical places, mountains, the sea of Galilee - everyone will find something for themselves. Read more »

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