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Haifa, Akko, Rosh Hanikra

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The main attraction of Haifa – the Bahai gardens cascades. We will first see the lower part of the gardens to the main fountain. Then there is the opportunity to visit the Central part of the gardens with an internal garden and a cactus garden and see the tomb of the Baabe (one of the prophets of the Baha'i faith). The building and its Golden dome has become the symbol of Haifa.
Panorama of the city and gardens and with pillars of mount Carmel.

Acre. The city walls and towers from the Ottoman period. The old port. Turkish bazaars. The history and traces of the crusaders in acre. The mosque El Gazar (White mosque)

The grottoes of Rosh Hanikra - the monuments of nature, the Northern border of Israel. Is a karst cave, formed by leaching of rocks from the mountains, consisting entirely of limestone. Sea caves is a result of a series of aftershocks, which resulted in the rock cracks. Rainwater, on the long time leaking through these cracks, and the waves beat on the rocks, has created the caves. The total length of the cave is about 200 meters.


On this tour you will get acquainted with the North of Israel. Will be able to see the main attractions of Haifa and acre.

ReconstructionAll day
Dressto visit some religious places and monasteries, men and women need to have clothes covering shoulders, chest, knees, women should cover their heads.
Language guiderussian
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Additional chargespersonal expenses, meals,
tips for guide and driver welcome at Your discretion.
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