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09.01.2018 - 10.01.2018

Led zeppelin In Israel

Famous Chicago tribute band Led zeppelin 2 - the live experience (led Zeppelin 2) will first perform in Israel. Dates of the performances: 09.01.2018 Beersheba 21:00 performing arts Centre — Great hall 10.01.2018 Haifa 20:30 Congress Centre. ...



Concert Of Nino Katamadze & Insight

It is difficult to define the style of Nino Katamadze. She skillfully blends jazz, rock and Georgian music, and all this is done in the public eye. Each song Nino is a mini-play, the main characters whose music, voice and improvisation fascinating, to repeat which is hardly possible. So every concert becomes a feast for devoted fans and a revelatio...


13.12.2017 - 20.12.2017

Hanukkah in Israel

Hanukkah in 2017 Hanukkah lasts 8 days and starts on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev. In 2017 the festival starts December 13th and ends the 20th. The history of the holiday: The holiday was established in the II century BC. e. in memory of the cleansing of the Temple, the dedication of the altar and the resumption of the temple service ...


11.12.2016 - 25.12.2016

Americana in December

The minimum difference with the popular system of booking of$ 82. The week-long stay.


11.12.2016 - 25.12.2016

Hilton Eilat in December

The minimum difference with popular reservations system, 839$. The week-long stay.



Sia in Israel

11 Aug 2016 Live in Park Rishon-LeZion will perform with Sia's first concert in Israel



Elton John in tel Aviv

Elton John will perform on may 26 in tel Aviv in the framework of the world tour of Wonderful Crazy Night Tour


25.05.2016 - 02.06.2016

The 17th international festival of light in Jerusalem

The festival will be held from 25 may to 2 June 2016. Every year this colourful event attracts more than 250,000 tourists.


22.04.2016 - 29.04.2016

Passover in Israel

In the days of the feast in Israel will host a number of cultural events



Flying to Israel is safe!

Israeli airports and on aircraft of the Israeli airline are considered to be most safe in the world. This achievement became possible as a result of successful work of the Israeli security services, whose years of experience are in demand today all over t

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