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Wedding in Jerusalem

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How does the sacrament of Marriage?
The sacrament of Marriage consists of two parts — betrothal and wedding. During a betrothal the priest hands brac lighted candles — a symbol of joy, warmth and cleanliness. Then he puts on rings first to the groom and then the bride, and three times — in the image of the Holy Trinity — replace them with the fingers of the intending spouses. After the betrothal the young are at the center of the Church and the new wedding towel is a symbol of chastity and conjugal fidelity. The priest asks them if their desire to become husband and wife, nor whether they were promised to someone else. After that, three prayers are spoken in which to seek God's blessing on marriage matching, recall the pious matrimonial alliances old and New Testaments. Brachysoma are borne on the crowns — the ornate crown, like Royal. The crown is the image of the crown of the Kingdom of Heaven and a symbol of the future victory over the passions, so marriage is akin to martyrdom. The priest is raising hands to God, says three times: "o Lord, our God, glory and honor crown them." — then reads passages from the Apostolic Epistles and the gospel, telling about the responsibilities of spouses and the blessing of the marriage in Cana of Galilee. Brought the Cup of wine — the symbol of life the Cup of joys and sorrows that the couple should share together for the rest of their days. The priest in three steps teaches young wine. Then he joins their hands and leads three times around the lectern during the singing of wedding hymns. The circle is a symbol of the fact that the Ordinance made forever, walking behind the priest — the way of service to the Church. At the end of the marriage the couple stand in the Royal doors of the altar, where the priest proclaims the polychronion and blesses the icons of the Saviour and the virgin. Then relatives and friends congratulate a new Christian family.

The sacrament of Marriage is not carried out on the eve of the twelve great feasts and great feasts, in continuation of posts, and during Bright week. Shouldn't be married upon accession, at least one of the spouses, in the fourth and more marriage;

  • On the eve of Great feasts: the Nativity of the virgin Mary (21 September) exaltation of the Holy cross (September 27), in the temple of the blessed virgin Mary (December 4), Christmas (7 January), Epiphany (Epiphany,19 January), Candlemas (February 15), the Annunciation (April 7), the Transfiguration (19 August), the Dormition of the virgin (August 28), the Entry of Christ into Jerusalem (palm Sunday, the week before Easter), Ascension day (the 40th day after Easter), Holy Trinity day (Pentecost, the 50th day after Easter).
  • 13 October (the eve of the Holy virgin)
  • 11 September (day of the beheading of John the Baptist)
  • September 27 (feast of the exaltation of the cross)
  • Cheese week (one week before Great lent)
  • Great lent (seven weeks before Easter)
  • The fast of the apostles (the second Monday after Trinity)
  • The Dormition fast (August 14-27)
  • The Nativity fast (November 28 — January 7)
  • Christmastide (7-20 January)
  • Easter (bright week)

Terms of the sacrament of Marriage:

  • Both bride and groom must be baptized in the Orthodox Church and wear a cross;
  • To present a marriage certificate;
  • To be dressed properly. The bride should be a headdress (for example, a traditional veil), and preferably white (light) dress. Not allowed shorts and short sleeve shirt.
  • It is desirable that before the wedding the bride and groom made their confession and received Holy communion at the divine Liturgy. By tradition before communion communion those who wish to make a three-day fasting prior to Communion recite the preparatory prayers (Posredovanjem Holy Communion), and to the Communion proceed only natewa.
  • For the Wedding in Jerusalem will have to provide passport

The cost of the wedding usually includes everything necessary for the rite, in addition to rings: wedding towel (it are young at the wedding); wedding candles; two icons - the Savior and the Kazan Mother of God; silver and gold crosses with chains. The wedding is proposed to be held in the Church of the cross in the Russian Compound in Jerusalem or the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Additional options and services:
VIP meeting at the ramp from 140$ for two
Private tour, from$ 400 for two
Group tour of choice in accordance with the schedule, from 45$ per person
Range of services: hire of wedding dresses, including jewelry, hair, makeup, manicure, lunch from$ 2,000 to two
Photo and video shooting - $ 1000,depending on the number of hours of work of the photographer and cameraman
Car walk in Jerusalem, from$ 200 for a couple
Helicopter flight (up to 4 people) - from 1000$,depending on route and type of helicopter
Festive lunch/dinner - $ 100 for two
Lunch in a fish restaurant on the shores of the sea Hallaschka ("fish of St. Peter"), from$25 per person
Holiday on the Mediterranean or Red Sea in any hotel of your choice upon request
Development of individual programs or alternative programs.

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Dressloose, comfortable shoes.
Language guiderussian
Number of people in a groupBus
Additional chargespersonal expenses,
tips for guide and driver welcome at Your discretion.

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