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Rent a car

**Low Season Periods - 01/03/15-21/3/15 & 11/04/15-19/06/15, 26/08/15-19/12/15, 04/01/16 -28/02/16
**High Seasons Periods 1- 20/12/14-3/1/15 & 22/03/2015-10/4/2015 & 20/12/2015 - 03/01/2016
**High Seasons 2 Periods - 20/06/15-25/8/15

The terms of the lease


  • When car need to have:
  • Valid driver's license;
  • Passport with a visa valid for the rental period, and/ or Israeli identity card.
  • A valid credit card in the name of the main driver. Card required for security Deposit on the rental period.
  • The rental company has the right vehicles to replace the car with another belonging to the same classification group.

Prices include:

  • 1-2 days, including 250 km per day, Cdw & Tp
  • 3-Ana, including unlimited mileage, only Cdw & Tp
  • Price per month, including 5000 km per month, only Cdw & Tp

Prices do not include:

  • Fee for the services of the airport in the amount of 38$ is charged for rent, beginning/ending at the airport of a name Ben-Gurion. Payment is made directly to the company at the time of registration of the lease.
  • Leaving the car in Eilat / get a car in Eilat if you rent for a period less than 3 days - additional payment of 130$.
  • Additional driver: 5$ per day for groups A, B, C, L, E, F, H and X; $ 9 per day for groups I, S, K, N, M, V, T, U, P, W, R, Y, Q, G and Z.
  • A seat for a child 8$ a day.
  • 18% VAT applies to all components of the lease. (Does not apply to tourists entering Israel with a foreign passport with a visa B2, B4 or diplomatic visa. Exemption from VAT does not apply to Israeli citizens with dual citizenship and passenger mini-vans (group K,M,N) for any tenant (the tenant pays VAT at the time of rental)
  • Li/Tldw, Pai, Tax & AptFee
  • CDW (COLLISIONDAMAGEWAIVER - accident) and TP (Theftprotection) does not cover the first damage in the amount of $ 460-1000 in accordance with the group of cars. (In case of purchase of SuperCDW & SuperTP of insurance the tenant is exempt from paying damages in case of accident or theft. SuperCDW prices & SuperTP insurance: group A, B, C, L, E, F, H, I, U, X$ 20 per day; group P, Q, T, R, W, G $ 29 per day).

Age limit:

  • Minimum age 21 year, the renter must be the holder of a driver's license at least 1 year.
  • For young drivers 21-23 years extra 9$ per day for groups A, B, C, L, additional $ 20 per day for groups E, F, H.
  • The minimum driver age for groups X, I, S, K, N, M, V, G: 23.
  • The minimum driver age for groups P, R, W, U, T: 25 years.

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