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Tickets to Israel

Flights to Israel can be purchased through our website. The project was designed to make more convenient and fast process of preparation of the individual tour in Israel. On our site You will be able to buy tickets to Israel, make hotel reservations, transfers, excursions and other tourist services, including a VIP.

The flight to Israel takes about 4 hours to fly from Moscow. In Israel there are about 50 airports, including 3 international class. This airport Ben Gurion in tel Aviv, Ovda (Eilat) and the airport in Haifa. Flights from Russia and CIS countries are carried out in a/p to them. Ben-Gurion and a/p Uvda. At our site you can buy airline tickets to tel Aviv and Eilat inexpensive, unnecessarily. the work is conducted directly with the carrier.

The cost of a plane ticket to Israel depends on what services the carrier uses what class You plan to travel and also the time of year. Please note that while Christian and Jewish religious holidays the price of tickets above. Therefore, we recommend to buy plane tickets to Israel in advance, several months before the planned trip.



Flight Tel Aviv Yafo-Eilat

Domestic air fare tel Aviv to Eilat / Eilat-tel Aviv 01.01.2016-31.12.2016 weekdays (Saturday-Wednesday) / weekend (Thursday-Saturday) and JEWISH HOLIDAYS (Jewish holidays) adult - 90$ / 95$ child up to 12 years (not incl.) - 70$ child up to 2 years (not incl.) - 20$ prices are quoted in USD per person one way The flights depart from Terminal 1 ai... Learn more »

Tickets to Eilat

For our clients who are planning their vacation on the Red sea in Israel that offer tickets on direct flights to Eilat. Learn more »

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