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Treatment in Israel


Basic courses of treatment at the Dead sea

A special program to familiarize yourself with a Spa treatment at the Dead sea, which allows you to enjoy the holiday and try some of the procedures. Подробнее »

Examination of the body in Israel

You go to Israel on vacation or on a trip?
Dedicate a few hours to Your health!
The examination allows to determine the state of Your health, and identify possible diseases, such as stroke, cancer, heart attack, etc. with the possibility of further trea Подробнее »

Treatment of skin diseases

Diseases: atopic dermatitis/ atopic dermatitis, eczema, prurigo, lichen planus, acne, vitiligo Подробнее »

Treatment of the musculoskeletal system

Treatment: rheumatoid arthritis, polyarthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, m/o herniated discs Подробнее »

The program of treatment of respiratory

frequent respiratory diseases in children and adults, recurrent bronchitis, including toxic smoker's bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, bronchial asthma Подробнее »

Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome

Restorative therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome, instability of the nervous system and sleep disorders. Dead sea mud is enriched with magnesium, bromine and other minerals and trace elements – have been used effectively as a sedative (calming) effect on Подробнее »

Anti-aging therapy program

Course correction appearance and rejuvenation at the Dead Sea.
Suitable for both men and women. Подробнее »

The Program The Secret Of Cleopatra

Cosmetic complex “the Secret of Cleopatra” at the Dead sea The program includes: Complex "Cleansing "- mineral peeling Dead sea salts in aromatic oils (exclusive treatment Dead Sea Clinic). Seaweed wrap in a capsule for rejuvenation, removal of toxins and increased hydration of the skin (the procedure is carried out in the capsule SPA-RELAX).... Подробнее »

The program correction

A comprehensive beauty program for correction when excess body weight, cellulite and stress the skin at the Dead sea. Effective fat reduction on the thighs, belly and other parts of the body. Program toniziruyut, increases the tension of the skin, giving Подробнее »

Treatment of diabetes

The biological value of the unique Dead sea mud has a great therapeutic effect. The salt composition of mud acting on the skin proprioreception, leads to stimulation of the endocrine system, and a significant amount of minerals such as magnesium, bromine Подробнее »

Treatment of psoriasis

Program balneological treatment of psoriasis, parapsoriasis, psoriasis with artropaticheskom syndrome (psoriatic arthritis) at the Dead sea. Подробнее »

The program of treatment of osteoporosis

Dead sea mud bears a great therapeutic potential for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Rich in mineral composition of Dead sea mud, is applied via a skin proprioreception, stimulates the endocrine and powerfully strengthens and restores the sk Подробнее »

The program of treatment of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs

Program balneological treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs in men and women. Diseases: chronic prostatitis, adnexitis, endometritis Подробнее »

Program of rehabilitation therapy

Program of rehabilitation therapy at the Dead sea after injuries, operations and prolonged illness. This program can be recommended to patients as a health course for a total asthenia and decreased immunity Подробнее »

Health care in Israel is considered one of the most advanced and reliable in the world. Treatment in Israel is in great demand due to its high quality.
Elite pharmaceuticals, modern technologies, medical specialists from around the world and the latest medical equipment – all this provides one of the highest levels of medical care in the world.
The cost of treatment in Israel cheaper than similar treatment in Western countries by 30-50%, and 2-3 times cheaper than treatment in the United States of America. Despite the relatively low price of treatment in Israel, medicine this country occupies a leading position in the world in terms of comfort and level of service.
Treatment in Israel is becoming every year more and more popular among patients from different countries of the world, especially among residents of the CIS countries and Russia. Most of the nurses working in clinics in Israel, speak Russian – this is an important factor when making your choice.

We offer a wide range of services by providing quality treatment and diagnostics in the best medical centers and clinics in Israel.

What is necessary for the organization of treatment in Israel?
- Send Your medical records, medical examinations, results of examinations, medical opinion, tests.
- Texts will be translated by us into English and passed to the appropriate specialist.
- On the basis of recommendations of diagnostic and therapeutic measures, You will be presented with the health plan and determined the total cost of treatment.
- After a few days You will receive a response and make a decision based on professional and competent information.
- After obtaining consent, we will send You an official invitation for treatment.
Representatives of the clinic will personally accompany You during Your stay in our country and during treatment. You and the person accompanying You will be met at the airport, help with accommodation, provide translation services, etc.

Here are some of the clinics with which we cooperate:


General hospital
/content/images/pages/29/p1696spec6hms1rob1sv31jqslif1.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696sq9tuojo1bg51u01ensva31.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696sqlsf72893mp2p1nbqg0e1.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696sr1bl1a1ktuk1h6mnqtr4m1.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696sr9l916uk1ud7fefllstfq1.jpg

Tel Aviv medical center (TAMC). Soraski serves the 300,000 residents of tel Aviv and its suburbs, and many other.
This is one of the largest hospitals in Israel. Respectives 150 000 sq. M.

The center includes the following medical institutions:
- A General hospital
Rehabilitation center

Children's hospital "Dana"
/content/images/pages/29/p1696srhr9h7e4gsl2v59e1frl1.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696srt19t17rgl1i4bfs4jle1.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696ss29vqp8fst18un1lrpnbl1.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696sselsvq88e91gt6gke16kr1.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696ssl541i4f1cin11mi1k5r1a991.jpg

Maternity home "the Fox"
/content/images/pages/29/p1696stigm1em1rt47fn1gbujcl1.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696stpqv9rg1dog1f1n6hs1r681.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696stakh1k0h9cm1k2dp9i5o31.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696st5aoatrhk919q414om18m91.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696ssvp31pqenet1ok8bp45ce1.jpg

Medical center "Top clinics"
     - - --
Recovery rehabilitation center "the Palace"
Research center of medical faculty tel Aviv University

Here are the Israeli national Centres of adult and pediatric neurosurgery, oncosurgery, orthopedics, radiotherapy, Israel Nephrology center, center for kidney transplantation. the liver and pancreas, as well as many other institutions that provide unique specialized services.

more than 980 physicians
- 468 other health professionals
- 300 physicians - professors and lecturers at tel Aviv University
more than 1780 nurses
more than 740 other healthcare personnel
- more than 1,600 people and administrative support staff

Structure of the centre:
- 43 branch
- 1,100 beds
- Outpatient offices 150

- more than 93 000 hospitalizations
more than 9900 childbirth
- more than 25 000 surgical intervention depends on the
more than 943 000 visits in outpatient Department
- more 181500 complaints in the emergency Department

ASSUTA (Assuta)
/content/images/pages/29/p1696uaian1plv1sha1ededhf6u1.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696u9ndbj1l1e1e15er3lo1ng01.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696ua0dncv01h53t0u1rpp2a1.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696u9hlh1t1taeg1c0mg841nj11.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696ua9un2da8eg1ou31fjl1vn01.jpg
Assuta - is a network of clinics and the first private hospital in Israel, works with 1934.
Assuta consists of 11 branches, located in different parts of Israel and is the leader in the segment of private clinics specializing in providing the Israeli doctors operating on a rental basis.




The clinic is located in the capital of Israel, in ancient Jerusalem.
The clinic is staffed by international specialists who annually provide professional and comprehensive assistance to 1 million. patients from all over the world.The clinic represented a wide range of professionals, which allows a comprehensive approach to the treatment of the patient. The clinic is equipped with the latest modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Clinic staff speak foreign languages, including Russian language.
The Hadassah medical center uses its own sanitary aircraft with a team and intensive care equipment (Air Ambulance).



"Herzliya medical Center" (HMC), located on the waterfront of Herzliya Pituach, was founded over 25 years ago as an international class hospital, providing services to Israel for an unprecedented level. Since its Foundation until today, the hospital enjoys an international reputation and treats patients from all over the world.
Hundreds of leading Israeli physicians, the most advanced technology, fashionable the chamber and the professionalism of the hospital staff will allow You to fully appreciate the unique opportunities of the private medicine of the highest level.


/content/images/pages/29/p1696t0d631pq1muhisl152i8251.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696svslntcdnv09co1cen1tj31.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696svd8v1f9m1eq3ud0j23f0n1.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696svmlg2edmhl1la31qu513421.jpg /content/images/pages/29/p1696sv8hd1rckvbchtpkga1vno1.jpg
In balneology clinic-the clinic has developed and successfully implemented for more than 14 years of age programs for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, as well as in the field of aesthetics and rejuvenation.
These programs are designed for permanent stay at the resort during a certain time under constant medical supervision and attention of the staff.

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