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Basic courses of treatment at the Dead sea

Basic courses balneological treatment in DeadSeaClinic

Basic treatment includes:

  • consultation with a doctor, determining the content of balneological treatment and the number of recommended procedures, the issuance of sanatorium-resort book.
  • recommendations for balneo-heliotherapy at the resort.
  • medical supervision throughout the treatment period.
  • the control pressure as needed.
  • creams, ointments, oil for the entire treatment period (on purpose).
  • performance of procedures by medical personnel.
  • recommendations upon completion of the course of treatment.
  • final medical consultation.

The cost of the basic courses of treatment depending on pathology.
The price is in US dollars

the diagnosis / treatment period 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
psoriasis 230 480 750 850
psoriasis with arthropathy 420 750 950 1250
atopic dermatitis, vitiligo 325 525 650 850
acne 350 390 480 560
arthritis, arthrosis 275 415 620 850
bronchitis, asthma, chronic pneumonia 275 460 580 720
chronic fatigue syndrome 325 555 820 950


When ordering the basic courses of treatment, it is important to note that the price below the cost of the price list at the clinic, therefore, the replacement procedures are excluded!
In case of refusal procedures basic course (for any reason) they cannot be refunded.
The clinic reserves the right to change the program, depending on medical indications.

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